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Fine Log Furniture - Scotch Pine Sofa Table Close Up
Fine Log Furniture - Table With Mahogany Top and Yellow Birch Base
Fine Log Furniture - Table With Birch Legs and Ginko Top

Fine Custom Log Furniture

All of our log beds, end tables, and log furniture are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. We do NOT use simple, straight, or machine turned logs commonly found in every "cabin furnishings" magazine. Our log furniture, whether natural birch, hand-peeled red cedar, or solid massive oak, is individually designed to meet your needs and to create that unique and personal look.

We believe we offer a high quality alternative to the mass produced and common pine and cedar log furniture found around every corner. If you are looking for elegant or finely crafted log furniture, we look forward to talking with you.

Custom Log Furniture - Coffee Table With Antique Oak Top
Fine Log Furniture - Sofa Table with Birch and Red Cedar Legs
Fine Log Furniture - Antique Oak Top End Table
Custom Log Furniture - Red Cedar Leg Bench
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